Executive Search

At finde og udvælge de rigtige personer til virksomhedens øverste ledelse er en strategisk opgave med altafgørende betydning for virksomhedens succes.


Knowledge & insight

Market demands and the dynamics of a forever-changed market place, where a. o. new digital business models, new global competitors and other cost structures and blurring of sectoral barriers require that today managements and boards need to be enterprising and agile. Several studies show that the best way to increase the top and bottom line is to get the right people on board and ensure that the candidates land safely in the job. This is our passion our profession, and creating business value for our customers via supply of human capita is what we do. All our partners have executive business background where management, execution and strategic development have been part of their daily work. This knowledge is valuable to understand and challenge your business.

Finding the right candidate

Our Executive Search processes have been developed and refined with our clients, and ensure a unique and efficient exposure of the potential candidate field. We work in pairs on every assignment. You will meet only one partner/consultant and one researcher throughout the process. Both parties will get a thorough understanding of both strategy, culture and values, and this will form part of our dialogue with the candidates in a process. Our process is iterative, which means that we will keep searching until not only the good but also the right candidate for the specific position and business case can brought into play. We are only satisfied when we reach that stage in a process. Close dialogue with you as the customer and ongoing progress report and calibration are of course integrated parts of the process. In addition, various ability and behavioural tests are integrated parts of ADVANZ processes – all elements that yield to our high accuracy and that we succeed with the assignments that we take on.


When we contact a candidate, it is a process that gradually has to mature and motivate through a close and confidential dialogue with us. In this process, all aspects and questions are thoroughly explained so that the basis for the candidate’s valuation of the position and company in question is as illuminated as possible. Our ability to enter this dialogue is important, and our ability to ensure that the candidate feels updated on the progress and gets clear feedback on a. o. tests, own performance during the interviews etc. is a very important part of our own values as ambassador for our customers.

Strategy driven process

We offer a tailor-made Search aligned with to your business challenges and strategy. Many years in the business – both as leaders and as headhunters – has taught us that a successful recruitment requires thorough preparation, mutual trust and an ongoing dialogue. We find top candidates, Danish or international, that have the appropriate professional experience and expertise as well as the personality who can make a difference in your business.

Example assignments

“Vi oplevede, at konsulenterne var hurtige til at fornemme både værdier og historik i Aasted og på den måde finde et utrolig stærkt kandidatfelt med flere mulige match. Vores samarbejde med ADVANZ resulterede i, at vi fandt den helt rigtige person til stillingen, både personmæssigt og fagligt.”

Piet Hoffmann Tæstensen

CEO, Aasted

“The material on the candidates and the background test has been adequate, and the overall process has in every case resulted in successful long lasting employments”

Michael Brock

CEO, DDD Diagnostic

Sales & Marketing


  • Channel Director Nordic
  • Director of Product Management
  • Kommunikationsdirektør
  • Marketingdirektør
  • Portefolio Director
  • Salgsdirektør
  • SME Director

Middle Managers

  • Analysechef
  • Channel Manager
  • International Product Manager (East, West and Europe)
  • Key Account Manager – Nordic
  • Key Account Manager
  • Kommunikations- og marketingchef
  • Marketingchef
  • National Account Manager
  • National salgschef
  • Sales & Project Manager
  • Salgschef


  • HR direktør
  • IT Direktør

Middle Managers

  • Driftschef
  • HR Manager
  • Head of Business applications
  • Head of PMO
  • IT Chef
  • IT Udviklingschef


  • Client Delivery Director
  • Director of Project Management in Global Supply Chain
  • Fabrikschef
  • Group Sourcing Manager
  • In-Licensing Director
  • Mediadirektør
  • OEM Projekt Direktør
  • Produktionschef
  • Produktions- og logistikchef
  • Supply Chain Director
  • VP Operations
  • VP QA & Regulatory Affairs

Middle Managers

  • After Sales Service Manager
  • Kundeservicechef
  • Kundesuppportchef
  • Leder af Planteavlsafdeling
  • Logistikchef
  • QA Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager


  • CFO
  • Director of Financial Services
  • Nordic Finance Director
  • Økonomidirektør




  • Group Finance Manager
  • M&A Manager
  • Manager, Sales Controlling
  • Regnskabschef
  • Økonomichef




Our Search Process

Job analysis

The first step of a successful search process is a thorough job analysis with identification of success criteria and potential “derailers” for the relevant position. A job profile is then composed in collaboration with the customer. This will define the minimum requirements the candidate must meet with regard to experience, competences, qualifications and expectations in respect of personality.



The search process is iterative and involves contact with potential candidates, screening of inquiries and finally inviting relevant candidates for interview with our experienced consultants. You will receive regular status reports together with feedback from the candidate market regarding how attractive the company, position, challenges, responsibility and compensation package are. We will then repeat the process until the strongest possible selection of candidates is ready to be presented to you.


Presentation of topcandidates

All candidates who move on to the presentation round will have undergone a background check to verify their qualifications and experience. They will also be tested using our psychometric tests to assess cognitive abilities and personality. The top candidates will then be presented to the customer and their individual qualifications in relation to requirements and expectations are discussed.


Appointment of the right person

The best and most qualified candidate selected by the customer will be offered the position. After the appointment, we will be available for consultation on contractual and organisational matters to ensure optimum negotiations and on-boarding.

Initiate a dialogue

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