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Our way of delivering any assignment is based on a strong relationship between Your current goals and strategi issues, candidate qualifications and personality as well as the team the candidate will fit into.

Strategy driven recruitment

We look at the future of your business – the goals you want to achieve in the long term, and the challange you face as Your new manager or specialist will help to achieve.

Team based recruitment

We look at your team and composition in relation to Your company’s future, objectives and challenges. The new manager or specialist must contribute to the best possible interpersonel balance and execution capability in the overall team.


Case based recruitment

Vi ser på stillingsprofilen og udarbejder enten en forandringscase eller faglig case som finaledeltagerne skal løse. 

Our focus

Organizational level




Senior Executives


Middle managers



A perfect match requires good craftsmanship and good tools

Hiring the wrong candidate will have consequences for the employee, colleagues and the entire organization. The consequences are often lengthy and impact the bottom line. The best possible match requires solid skills in recruitment – and good craftsmanship requires good craftsmen and tools.

A successful recruitment starts with the right job profile

We start by ensuring a deep understanding of our client. This means that we are, among other things look at the culture, company values, business model, current challenges and goals of operating range and the company as a whole. We work closely with our client to define the position profile and qualifications of the candidate that will contribute to the company’s challenges.

Personal skills are essential for success

Whether you are a manager or specialist most work tasks are solved in a larger organizational context. Whether it is a management group or team it is a collaboration that takes place across the organization – nationally and globally. Both leader ans specialists have to deal with new and changing needs for change – it is here that that need to see both professionalism and personality.

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