Write a good resumé

A good CV requires time and consideration.

Most people think of a resumé as a listing of previous work experience , education spiced with some hobbies. The resumé’s primary objective is to sell you as a person and your skills . Of course there are in certain positions required specific education or professionel experience.

When you are in a situation where you are looking for work , it is very important that you use all the resources you have available to create awareness , and one of these means is your resume . The resumé should sell. It must create awarennes and differentiate you . It has to come across dynamically and reflect a vibrant and interesting personality.

The resumé reflects your personal profile – the person you are – and that are companies also very interested in. While the application should be forward thinking , the resumé should look back into the past . Most importantly , however , is that the resumé actually reflects the person you are . When you review your resume, you should be able to recognize yourself. Often people forget to get important things with . Let someone who knows you well , read your resumé through. Ask for thier opinion .

The resumé is your image to the outside world and must reflect you in a credible and clear manner.

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