… It was the confidence which played the greatest role.

Recently (2014) I have used Rikke in the recruitment of a Senior KAM to our largest business area within Retail, and hopefully at the same time also my successor in the current job in the long term.

I pressed her on the timeschedule when I myself was short of time. Her answer was; If I have to deliver the quality that you want, then I can not do it in a short time schedule … ..”.

Rikke got the assignment, and it was my confidence in her, who played the main role. For she was not the cheapest or the one who promised presentation of candidates in a short time schedule.

In the process I experienced again a high degree of professionalism. Rikke quickly understood my needs in the short and long term, and she could thus provide the necessary sparring along the recruitment process. In this regard, I have appreciated her directness, where things are called what they are.

When I refused to look at one or more candidates, she challenged me, which I see as an absolute plus, and I have appreciated her sparring.

In the phase before the first presentation of the candidates, Rikke has continuously kept me informed, which has given me Peace in the stomach compared to the feeling that we were on the right track. During and after candidate interviews Rikke has combined her in-depth candidate research with actual conversation, and again been a good sparring partner.

I can only give Rikke the warmest recommendations to those who might make use of her skills.

Morten Klitgaard Jacobsen, National Account Manager