Change Management

“Slowness to change usually means fear of the new”

Philip Crosby

The value of a successful transformation

Why time must be spent on management of change? If change is handled correclt any organisation will rapidly adapt to the new situation. A fast transformation is not an objective in itself it is of course also the impact and the possibilities of realizing the advantages for the benefit of the organization.

Practical model for managing the transformation ensures success

Our starting point is that all organizations are different, and so are the employyes. Therefore, the process of change and the associated tool kit for change must be spacious. Our change model uses six simple proven principles that quickly and effectively provide a practical ptransformation lan that can be implemented with maximum effect.

What we do

Mobilising and Planning for Change

Thorough planning on the basis of stakeholder invovlerment increases the chances of a successful change. Together, we prepare direction and strategy for change, communication plan, organization of leadership and responsibility in the transformation and preparing detailed activity plans.


Support to Change Champions

Change Management will require the active and sometimes large involvement of the leaders and put their existing leadership skills to the test. We work together with the leaders individually and develop the skills to ensure the motivation and commitment of the employees affected.


Our training in change management is based on the current issues and future change projects. In this way we can ensure that training sessions contains elements of daily life that can be combined with our toolbox.

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